I am currently in the production and recording phase of a music podcast. The content will deal with different but overlapping musical topics, drawing on the experiences of working musicians. Featuring the voices of composers and songwriters, classically trained and self taught, experts and fans alike. Through conversation I am building stories and through lines into episodes that will focus on one or more of these four themes at at time…


Music History

From the ancient to more recent. I’m taking a closer look at the music of the past with the benefit of hindsight.


Trends in songs and their origins. As much as songs have changed over the last century, we also examine the ways they have not.

Music Industry

We look at how the evolution of the industry over the years have affected the careers of the musicians that drive it.


Long form interviews with relevant voices in music. In doing so I’m hoping to spotlight artists and creators, but also to connect dots between their testimonies into cohesive episodes featuring the voices of many.